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The Transparency in Coverage Rule (TiC) and No Surprises Act didn’t just create a need for a solution that ensures full compliance with all current and upcoming mandates, the new requirements have spearheaded a rapid evolution of the healthcare ecosystem through which your channel partners can significantly benefit. That said, this evolution demands a next-level technology solution that delivers a rich digital shopping experience.

Capable of seamlessly integrating with your existing platform to, TALON is that solution.

The Time to Act is NOW.

Let’s talk today about how TALON effectively meets your unique needs and the needs of your clients, while also driving participant engagement and encouraging platform utilization.

TALON’s MyMedicalShopper for Benefits Administration Technology Providers:

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Lower healthcare costs for employers and employees

TALON’s MyMedicalShopperTM solution will help to grow and retain channel partner clients by providing the most precise and advanced healthcare shopping tool for all participants and dependents in the US. Through mobile first and embedded Employee Self-Service functionality, channel partner clients will be able to rely on your technology platform as the source for their employees to navigate to the most cost-effective healthcare. By empowering the participant with MyMedicalShopperTM, employers will increase employee productivity and retention by providing out-of-pocket financial security in healthcare, one of the costliest expenses members face today.


Compliance with the Transparency in Coverage Rule for Employers

Provide your channel partners with the ultimate suite of software services designed to fulfill the mandatory requirements of the TiC. TALON aims to protect Plan Sponsors, and employer plan sponsors who subscribe to benefit administration platforms to manage the compliance mandates. With our machine learning MyMedicalShopperTM solution, we will empower healthcare consumers to make smart decisions, while financially aligning employers and employees needs concerning their healthcare expenditure through the partner technology platform provided.


Increase Participant Engagement

With participants regularly shopping for the day-to-day lowest cost healthcare options, your platform will be a launching point to MyMedicalShopperTM, helping to significantly increase engagement in your benefit administration ecosystem.


Channel Retention & Growth

Maintain a long-term and robust solution that is continuously available for your channel partners and their clients. Never worry about having to change your clients’ healthcare shopping solution when they change healthcare insurers. Both carrier-agnostic and carrier-specific, enable portability between carriers as well as personalized, customized user-experiences based upon clients’ health plan providers and plan designs.


Enhanced Distribution Partnership Opportunities

TALON provides a recurring revenue growth opportunity through a comprehensive distribution partnership. You embed our solution with your mobile app and employee self service ecosystem, providing this to your channel partners as part of your current go-to-market strategy. This may also include a white label opportunity for your consideration.

TALON provides channel partners a long term solution covering full compliance, lower healthcare costs, client growth, retention, and high volume participant engagement. 

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Skyrocketing healthcare spend has been strangling businesses for way too long. The TALON solution disrupts that trend. The leading medical price transparency solution for the participant-driven healthcare ecosystem, TALON empowers participants to shop smarter for their medical care and make informed decisions about how they manage their discretionary healthcare spending. See how we do it in our FREE Solutions Book!