TALON Goes Beyond Compliance to Maximize Plan Savings

We provide an all in one solution that combines complete compliance protection with the full savings advantages of the Transparency in Coverage Rule. Unlock your clients’ savings potential with TALON.

Transparency Fines Are Here

Are you equipped to meet the challenges ahead when it comes to setting your clients up for full compliance success? From our Planning and Compliance Guides to our broker training and certification program, TALON is dedicated to providing the resources and support you need to set your clients up for compliance and financial success.
Shop, Earn, Pay

Our Suite of Solutions

Aligning healthcare incentives and member engagement with a simple way to pay!

Our streamlined cost-comparison shopping tool that EMPOWERS consumers to make responsible, economical decisions about their own healthcare.
Our patented, unique incentive program that drives consumers behavior and rewards members for taking the time to identify and select low cost, high quality care options.
Completes the transparency savings circle with a way to pay using rewards dollars through HSA, HRA, or cash debit accounts. This can reduce or eliminate member out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.


Achieve full transparency compliance and a 20-40% reduction in medical costs and premiums with TALON.

We’re Here To Support You

TALON is here to empower you through these changing times and help you answer the needs of your clients and prospects, protect their bottom line, and keep client satisfaction high.