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America’s new market-driven healthcare system offers huge opportunities for all players in the commercial health insurance ecosystem – employers, advisors, professional benefits administrators, and carriers alike. Our blog presents vital information and knowledge you need to not only comply with, but also to benefit from, and win.

Top TPAs Select TALON For Compliance, Safe Harbor and Competitive Advantage In the New Market-Driven Healthcare System

TALON has recently licensed its turn-key solution for federal No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule compliance and safe harbor to leading third-party administrators (TPAs).  “These TPAs are poised to not only protect clients against the financial risks of non-compliance, but also to take full advantage of America’s new market-driven healthcare system that begins

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Consumer Protections are coming to Healthcare

The No Surprises Act prohibits balance billing in the case of surprise medical bills — those for non-emergency services furnished by out-of-network providers during a visit by the patient at an in-network facility — unless the law’s notice and consent requirements are met, according to the Interim Final Rule published earlier this summer. Out-of-network providers

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True Price Transparency means “No Surprises”

TALON defines healthcare “price transparency” to be accurate and easily accessible information intuitively presented on the price of health care services and items that helps define the value of those services, enabling patients and other healthcare cost stakeholders to identify, compare, and choose providers based on cost, quality, and convenience. It is important to note

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Ensuring Compliance with the No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule


Passive Healthcare Consumers = Exploited Healthcare Consumers

I’ve written previously about the blight of complacency that has descended upon employer-sponsored health insurance. Much of the growth of the unsustainable cost-curve experienced by employers and their employees arises from the complacency of benefit advisors, employers, and their employees. Employee benefit costs—namely, healthcare—appear as the second largest expense item for many employers.   Yet benefit

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The New Definition of Plan Metals

Within health plan design offerings, there are four categories, or metal levels, made available to employers and their employees. These levels are listed by the split of costs between the enrolled individual and the health plan. See chart below:  How you and your insurance plan split costs The decision process behind enrollment within these plans

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Health Insurance Premium Rebate Checks Aren’t Good News for America

Ever since 2012, Americans have received rebate checks from their health insurers when the Medical Loss Ratio doesn’t “measure up” to the 80/20 Rule.  In simple terms, the Rule means that insurers must spend 80 percent of their revenue from premiums to pay for the healthcare of their subscribers.  The other 20 percent is theirs to keep.  What

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Executive Summary

Download the Executive Summary of Ensuring Compliance with the No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule

10 Key Considerations

What you need to consider with Ensuring Compliance with the No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule

Planning Guide

Download the Planning Guide Ensuring Compliance with the No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule

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No Surprises Act

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True price transparency means no surprises.

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