Our Blog: The New Healthcare Marketplace

America’s new market-driven healthcare system offers huge opportunities for all players in the commercial health insurance ecosystem – employers, advisors, professional benefits administrators, and carriers alike. Our blog presents vital information and knowledge you need to not only comply with, but also to benefit from, and win.

Vincible Ignorance – One of the Problems with ESHI

Employer-sponsored Health Insurance (ESHI) covers just over 55 percent of the U.S. population and accounts for just over a third of the overall health care expenditure for the country. With such significant dollars allotted, expectations for the quality of healthcare and the overall health of individuals would be at the top of every health-related metric

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How Nostalgia is Misleading Employee Health Plans

Matthew McCormick, Director, Partner Sales Having spoken with and met hundreds, if not thousands, of employee benefit brokers, I’ve noticed a recurring, fundamental theme runs through our discussions: .. Many within the healthcare space have been led astray by nostalgia. Nostalgia is a beautiful word It brings back fond memories. It evokes a sense of

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True Market Forces Will Soon Be Unleashed in Healthcare

In a matter of months, our healthcare system and the overall patient experience will change dramatically for the better. And most Americans don’t even realize it.  After decades of attempts to transform the healthcare system into a true market—one in which forces like competition between providers based on quality and pricing can bring prices down, it is finally happening. The

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Why Talon?

The business of healthcare and health insurance is mean. If you want to survive in this industry, you have to be scrappy and practice grit on a daily basis. The players within the market can be tough and inflexible. In 2014, we first demonstrated the prototype of MyMedicalShopper, alongside our campy mascot, “Dr. Hoot. Dr.

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