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New Transparency in Coverage Requirements Are Quickly Approaching. And So Are the Penalties for Noncompliance.

As we have seen in recent months, CMS has started to pick up the pace of hospital audits to ensure Transparency in Coverage (TiC)….

Are You Moving at The Speed of Technology or Healthcare?

If there’s one thing that’s not a secret, it’s that changes to the healthcare system tend to move at a snail’s pace. The Affordable….

Taking The Road Less Traveled: Beyond Regulation

Since its founding in 2014, TALON has been ahead of the regulatory curve, setting the standard in a breakthrough market and even influencing the….

Complying with the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule and No Surprises Act: Taking Baby Steps is the Expensive Way to Go

Various elements of the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule and the No Surprises Act have already taken effect, and others will take effect over….

TPAs: A Piecemeal Solution To Transparency In Coverage Could Be Your Last Meal

The Transparency in Coverage Rule (TiC) already requires that companies post machine readable files (MRF) which disclose negotiated rates for every in-network provider and….

Compliance with Transparency Mandates Is NOT Optional for Employers

The Implications of Non-Compliance Can Be Dire The phrase “transparency fines are coming” is now a moot point, because—like it or not—transparency fines are….

July 1 is “Healthcare Independence Day”

  Americans should now consider July 1 as “Healthcare Independence Day.” Why? Because on July 1, 2022 the nation can celebrate an incredible victory….

Not Acting:  $35 Million in Annual Fines Await a Typical 500 Employee Non-Compliant Employer

The Biden Administration Will Fine Companies of All Sizes for Not Complying with the Transparency in Coverage Rules of the Affordable Care Act Health….

Insurers’ ‘Gaming’ of Obamacare Provision Seen Boosting Premiums

Larger companies typically sponsor self-funded health plans in which the employer pays most medical bills directly and hires third-party administrators to handle claims and….

Our Take on the No Surprises Act, Transparency in Coverage Rule

An extraordinary transformation in commercial health insurance will begin on January 1 when the federal regulations known as the No Surprises Act and the….