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Our Solutions


Key Attributes:

  • Shopping for medical care now as easy as a Google search
  • Data derived from actual post-adjudicated medical claims
  • Personal health plan integration for real-time deductible tracking and in-/out-of-network provider guidance
  • Increased consumerism leads to significantly lower healthcare costs


Create a Reward-Based HRA/HSA/Gift Card

  • Drive consumer behavior, even when employees are spending employer dollars
  • Employees can reduce their out-of-pocket exposure by choosing medical care at or below the given reference price
  • Reward is added to employee CDH account (HRA, HSA, etc.), enabled through tight integration between TPA software and TALON’s platform
  • Both the reference price and employee/employer split of savings are customizable

No Surprises

With initial compliance starting on Jan 1, 2022, and with the government able to levy a fine of $100 per member per day retroactive to that date, time is of the essence to act now.


Leverage a line-by-line claims analysis, cross-referencing your group’s actual experience against the largest, most complete commercial claims database in the country.

Interest Calculator™

Plan Analysis

Create the Ultimate Health Plan™

  • Produce a thorough financial pro forma to model the move from a group’s current health plan to a proposed plan with greater consumer interest.
  • Highlight the long-term benefits of plan changes for employees, including projected HSA balance growth.
  • Make the financial case to your groups to adopt a consumer-driven health benefits strategy.



TALON’s interactive planning tool educates, empowers, and supports employees to select the best health plan available to them while addressing their unique medical needs and long-term financial goals

Key Attributes:

  • Bring health and financial retirement planning together
  • Integrate historical claims costs for future expense projections
  • Allow input variables for unplanned medical events
  • Provide variable risk level planning for future investments
  • Compare plans based on net costs to employee
  • Project life-time savings opportunities
  • Educate employees on the true value of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)


Make data-driven decisions—not guesses

  • Tracks aggregate and de-identified medical care consumption
  • Compares group claims against regional benchmarks to identify precisely where & how employees are overpaying for care
  • Reveals specific group savings opportunities
  • Detailed summaries of high cost providers by procedure
  • Bottomline™ Reports for actionable insights