TALON Announces The Launch Of New Transparency Savings Tool

Talon Announces the launch of new transparency savings tool

TALON has introduced many industry-changing price transparency solutions that drive engagement, like MyMedicalShopper™ and MyMedicalRewards™. Now they introduce the final piece that completes the healthcare consumer savings circle – TALONPay™.

TALONPay™ integrates member rewards through zero-cost HRA, HSA, and cash debit accounts. When it comes to engaging, incentivizing, and empowering the member, TALON provides an all-encompassing solutions platform with the new addition of a free HRA (and HSA for HDHP participants) to complete the cost savings ecosystem.

“Our plan has always been to create a solutions platform that provides the best of what price transparency can offer from start to finish,” said TALON Co-Founder, President, and CEO Mark Galvin. “We are very excited to announce TALONPay™ as our newest addition to that plan as we continue our movement for increased member education, engagement and empowerment.”

The new product launch demonstrates how, yet again, TALON is at the forefront of healthcare price transparency. Equipping healthcare consumers with everything they need for high-value care is simplified with TALON, and now amplified with TALONPay™.


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