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MyMedicalShopper combines price transparency with direct-to-consumer rewards to fuel savings. 

Get REAL. Real health plans deliver real quality while saving real money.

Plan designs that are ‘good enough’ today will be good for nothing tomorrow. With TALON, the future of real health plan efficiency starts now.


As a broker, you are tasked to provide guidance and advice to employer groups and help manage their benefit offerings responsibly. You help employers understand their employees’ needs and challenges and aim to deliver savings, eliminate wasteful spending within their annual healthcare expense, and contribute to a more engaged, productive, and successful workforce.

With the Advisor Dashboard, found within the TALON platform, you can leverage a component of the TALON HealthTech Engine™ that will help you outline the significant impact of healthcare consumerism upon your prospects and client’s financial well-being.

  • Claims Hindsight Analysis™ – Assess how much wasteful spending lies within your client’s annual healthcare spend
  • Consumer Interest Calculator™ – Score how driven your clients and their employees will be to navigate towards low-cost, high-quality care
  • SPARC™ Plan Analysis  – With a new, consumer-driven plan design, measure your client’s savings potential after recognizing consumerism
  • MyPlanGuide™ – With new plans in place, help your clients and their employees determine which plan would be best for them, taking into account their unique financial and health needs


Third-Party Administrators and those who administer consumer-directed benefits should strive to deliver a seamless, automated experience for their clients and employees. With the TALON platform, administrators will be able to enhance the user experience and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Pairing your administrative services with the TALON HealthTech Engine™ will create a transformational, hyper-personalized experience for your treasured clients. It can thrust an administrator from a commoditized service entity to a trusted, long-term advisor, providing insightful consultative strategies and delivering sizable cost-savings by eradicating significant wasteful spending.

  • Customized perfectly to your client’s needs with ClaimsFlow™
  • Delivering healthcare costs insights to all valued clients with Retrospective Shopping
  • Previously unseen claims cost data for your clients and benefit partners with MyMedicalMetrics™

HR Leaders

HR Leaders have two primary responsibilities: ensuring smooth internal operations and profitable delivery of the company’s procedures. This includes overseeing the administration of human resource programs and delivering a valuable, comprehensive benefits package to both retain and attract top talent. The greatest source for both potential frustration and maximum reward lies in the health insurance plans organizations offer their people.

With the TALON HealthTech Engine™, Human Resource Leader can provide more impactful benefits with less expenditure, delivering superior employee satisfaction, enhanced engagement and better productivity. Recruiting and retaining exceptional talent requires exceptional benefits!

  • MyMedicalShopper™ – Empower your employees to navigate to low-cost, high-quality providers
  • MyMedicalRewards™ – Provide incentives to your employees to engage with the MyMedicalShopper™ platform, receive care at cost-effective providers, and promote wellness with Fitness Gamification, all automated and streamlined with our patented MyMedicalRewards™ program
  • MyMedicalMetrics™ – De-identified, aggregate claims data will allow you and your team to identify cost-containment strategies, act upon those strategies, and achieve savings for your organization to reinvest for continued prosperity



Real-time efficiency.

For real results.

41% of your group’s healthcare spend is wasted on high-cost, low-quality providers. By helping your employees identify and navigate to cost-effective providers, TALON removes significant wasteful spending from your group’s healthcare expenditure. And it’s all done without sacrificing your group’s health or wealth.

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