Three key characteristics of a successful Employer Champion

By Shaylin McNally, Director of Customer Success

So, your company has just rolled out this great new benefit (MyMedicalShopper!), and you’ve been assigned the role of Employer Champion. You might be thinking, why me?

And that’s a great question. The simple answer: probably because we told them to.

Not explicitly, of course. But this is an important role for ensuring the success of our programs, and we coach our new clients on choosing the best people for the position. When your organization’s leadership was looking to fill this role, we made sure they understood the following:

  1. They need this person to lead the charge on empowering the entire team as healthcare consumers.
  2. They need this person to know that this role, if executed and accomplished properly, will drive savings and success for the entire company.

With that in mind, what are the qualities they needed in the person filling this role? Well, let’s take a look at the top three characteristics we value the highest!

Ability to Communicate and Listen

You know how to talk to people, and people know how to talk to you. This is a wonderful (and crucial) skill to have, and it will really come in handy while you navigate this Employer Champion role. From the initial launch of the program to follow-up emails and check-ins, communication is key.

As Employer Champion, it’s imperative that your team feels comfortable reaching out to you, and that they’re confident you’re there to listen. Most of the time, you’ll be their go-to person if they have any questions, when they need guidance on how to use the platform, and if they ever want to provide feedback on the program.

Of course, we don’t expect you to be an expert on all things MyMedicalShopper right out of the gate. Our Customer Success team will equip you with all the training and collateral you’ll need to ensure the success of both you and your team. This is also where your communication skills come into play—once you’ve mastered MyMedicalShopper, you’ll be your team’s go-to for insights, tips, and tricks on how to get the most out the platform.

And don’t worry – we’ll always be here for you if you ever get stuck!

Courage to say Let’s Do Something Different

Shopping for a new TV? Been there, done that. Shopping for the MRI I need to get done? Now THAT’S trendy.

Shopping for healthcare may be an unfamiliar concept for the majority of folks (and might be for you, too!). And you’ll need to be able to stand up and say to your team that, unfamiliar or not, “shopping for our medical care is possible, and it can make a huge difference.”

As Employer Champion, you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to promote this new, and maybe even overwhelming (what am I supposed to do with all this information?!), platform that allows you to control your healthcare expenses. MyMedicalShopper may have provided you the tools and information, but it’s you who is connecting with your team on a daily basis and encouraging them to dive into this new world that’s just opened up for them.

Steadfast Commitment

So, you’ve been able to introduce your team to MyMedicalShopper—this new and exciting benefit that’s all theirs. You understand the enrollment process and how to effectively use the shopping platform, and you’ve conveyed all this information to your team. They’re completing the enrollment process, getting the app downloaded to their phones, and getting comfortable doing searches themselves.

Fast forward a couple months or even a couple years down the road. Is your team still using this bold and innovative platform? Is your company deriving all of the value that they were hoping for when they started on this journey? Are your co-workers and their families saving money on their healthcare costs?

With you in this critical Employer Champion role, of course they are! You’ve been there consistently for your employees to help them along, and you’ve been a steady voice encouraging their use of MyMedicalShopper to become empowered medical consumers and take control of their healthcare spending. You helped them get the most from the program.

You took the time to do the little things. You’ve checked in with employees, you’ve distributed collateral, you’ve mentioned MyMedicalShopper during team meetings, and probably even sent out some emails reminding the team of this great benefit they have access to. You helped train them all to reflexively ask their doctors the question, “Well how much is that going to cost?” You’ve committed yourself to the world of healthcare consumerism and have always kept your eye on the prize: helping your team and your employer save money by shopping for medical tests and procedures.

All in all, Employer Champions are super important—and we feel really lucky to be working with so many people that demonstrate the rare qualities I just described. Outstanding communication skills, courage to lead new initiatives, and unwavering commitment are characteristics that will take you far in life, and they’re essential in helping us transform your company and our challenging healthcare system.

Just remember that you have the power to help your team and your company become empowered consumers, and ultimately save money, just by being you! Talk about a win-win!


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