Administrators that successfully elevate their brand above their competitors are better positioned to capture their share of the healthcare consumerism opportunity. For consumer-directed account administrators, this often means differentiating offering by delivering new (and greater) value to benefit brokers, employer groups, and healthcare consumers – such that all parties benefit from convenience, lower costs, administrative simplification, and a more positive healthcare experience.

During this 60-minute webinar, we’ll introduce you to MyMedicalShopper – an innovative, new healthcare comparison and shopping platform. This exciting new service offering is designed to help you:

Increase consumer fluency and price transparency
Lower healthcare costs for consumers and employers
Create an innovative, practical solution to the most basic consumerism question: What should healthcare cost me?
Differentiate your position and service offering in the broker, employer, and consumer marketplaces

The reality is: If you don’t deliver mission-critical consumerism products, someone else will. You don’t want to miss this exciting webinar – you’ll learn more about the partnership and program, its unique characteristics, as well as how to capture first-mover advantage.

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