Introducing MyMedicalShopper: A game-changing differentiator for you, brokers, employers, and consumers

Administrators that successfully elevate their brand above their competitors are better positioned to capture their share of the healthcare consumerism opportunity. For consumer-directed account administrators, this often means differentiating offering by delivering new (and greater) value to benefit brokers, employer groups, and healthcare consumers – such that all parties benefit from convenience, lower costs, administrative simplification, and a more positive healthcare experience.

During this 60-minute webinar, we’ll introduce you to MyMedicalShopper – an innovative, new healthcare comparison and shopping platform. This exciting new service offering is designed to help you:

Increase consumer fluency and price transparency
Lower healthcare costs for consumers and employers
Create an innovative, practical solution to the most basic consumerism question: What should healthcare cost me?
Differentiate your position and service offering in the broker, employer, and consumer marketplaces

The reality is: If you don’t deliver mission-critical consumerism products, someone else will. You don’t want to miss this exciting webinar – you’ll learn more about the partnership and program, its unique characteristics, as well as how to capture first-mover advantage.

Complete webinar published by Alegeus here:


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