MyMedicalShopper Adds Healthcare and Communications Industry Leader to Executive Team

Dr. Amnon Gavish becomes new EVP of Corporate Development and Strategy

Portsmouth, NH—August 6th, 2020—Dr. Amnon Gavish, an entrepreneur, digital health executive, and thought leader with decades of experience in technology and strategy development, has joined MyMedicalShopper as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy. 

“Dr. Gavish brings years of expertise and knowledge to our team,” said Mark Galvin, co-founder and CEO of MyMedicalShopper. “We’re excited to have someone who can help us leverage our Big Data analytics and price transparency platform in a rapidly-evolving healthcare landscape.”

Prior to joining MyMedicalShopper, Dr. Gavish held leadership roles with telehealth pioneers Vidyo, AmWell, and Tytocare, which are currently spearheading digital health efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Gavish also served on the board of the American Telemedicine Association and chaired their Industry Council.

“We bring a truly disruptive solution that can solve one of the fundamental problems with our economy: a broken healthcare system,” Dr. Gavish said. “Digital health has always been about empowering the healthcare consumer, and leveraging price transparency in that space will be a game-changer. It’s time to return medical care to the consumer, and I look forward working with the team and our partners to make that happen.”

About MMS Analytics, Inc. ( 

MMS Analytics, Inc. dba MyMedicalShopper™ delivers innovative technology, products, and services to eliminate wasteful spending from group health plans and provide meaningful savings to their participants. The company’s mission, to fix the broken employer-sponsored healthcare marketplace, was founded on the following principles; alignment of financial incentives between employer and employee; radical medical price and medical quality transparency; empowered, engaged healthcare consumers; and the reduction of administrative overhead with employer group knowledge transfer and collaborative change management. With unprecedented access to the secretive prices negotiated between insurance networks and medical facilities, the company enables employers and their employees with the ability to navigate to care based on three universal consumer forces – price, quality, and convenience. Leveraging big data, machine learning, deep analytics, and intuitive user experiences, MyMedicalShopper equips group health plans with the tools and education necessary to develop knowledgeable healthcare consumers. These informed participants can now recapture a meaningful portion of the 41% average over-spend experienced by employer groups as a result of wasted healthcare dollars on ineffective providers of medical tests and procedures.



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