New TALON Case Study Reveals Significant Customer Healthcare Savings, Reduced Employee Attrition

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Portsmouth, NH – TALON, an industry leader in providing innovative healthcare technology solutions, has released its latest case study, and the results reveal significant impacts for the customer in question.

According to the case study, the large New England employer group was facing a consistent annual increase in healthcare spend of 15 percent. The company’s CFO was concerned at the impact this was having on their bottom line, as well as the financial burden to their employees. The employer reached out to their broker, who then brought in TALON.

The study reveals that the risks if inaction in this case included: 1) continue overpaying for healthcare, 2) $100 per employee, per day fines for non-compliance with TIC mandates, and 3) employee dissatisfaction. After implementing its solution, TALON was able to help the employer lower its healthcare spend by 20 percent (including an average 22 percent premium savings per member) and reduce employee attrition by 25 percent—all in the first year.

“Proof in practice, that’s the bottom line here,” said TALON Co-Founder, President, and CEO Mark Galvin. “We can talk all day about how effective our solution is at simple and seamless integration, achieving full compliance with all transparency mandates, lowering healthcare costs, and empowering members to take an active role in their own care, but the proof is in the pudding. There simply isn’t another solution on the market today that can accomplish what TALON can.”

The full case study can be viewed here

TALON’s mission is to educate, empower, and incentivize the American healthcare consumer to meaningfully reduce costs and create a healthier ecosystem. We’ve built the ultimate suite of software services designed to fulfill the requirements of the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act. Simply put, TALON protects healthcare stakeholders from overpaying for care while enabling seamless integration into the Payer’s existing architecture, all without disruption or distraction. Our tools create free-market dynamics, starting with our ability to ensure full compliance with all mandates and extending through our consumer-driven MyMedicalShopper platform. Learn more at


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