Healthcare Insights with Real Claims Data and MRF Validation

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OwlSight moves healthcare market intelligence forward by harnessing the power of extensive real medical claims data, enriching and validating machine-readable files (MRFs) to deliver unparalleled accuracy and actionable insights. Unlike traditional MRF analytics solutions, OwlSight’s innovative approach offers a deeper understanding of healthcare spend and utilization, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions with confidence.

What Sets OwlSight Apart?

OwlSight stands at the forefront of healthcare analytics by offering:


Advanced Curation and Validation

Our platform goes beyond mere aggregation, employing sophisticated algorithms to cleanse and validate MRF data against our comprehensive claims database. This process ensures the highest data integrity and relevance.

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Insights from Real Claims Data

Leveraging a vast repository of medical claims, OwlSight provides a granular view of healthcare trends, spend, and utilization patterns, offering insights that raw MRF data alone cannot.



When partnered with our MyMedicalShopper platform, OwlSight offers end-to-end transparency, from patient choices to broader market dynamics, facilitating strategies to reduce costs and improve care quality.

The Difference is Truly Visionary

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Empowering Diverse Stakeholders

OwlSight serves a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders, including:

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Health Plans and Insurers

Optimize network design and provider contracting with superior market insights.



Make informed decisions on plan selection and direct contracting to maximize healthcare investment.

Healthcare Providers

Enhance strategic planning and negotiations with accurate reimbursement and market data.

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Health Tech Innovators

Integrate reliable, curated healthcare pricing data into your solutions to drive innovation and value.
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Features and Benefits


Comprehensive Pricing Database

Access an expansive collection of healthcare pricing data, meticulously curated and validated against real medical claims, providing a robust foundation for analysis and decision-making.

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Cloud-Based Accessibility

Enjoy unlimited access to our database through the cloud, ensuring data is always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere, facilitating flexible and remote analysis.

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Platform Agnostic

Utilize any IDE or analytics platform of your choice to explore and analyze the data, offering unparalleled flexibility in how you derive insights and apply them to your strategic objectives.

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Monthly Updates

Benefit from monthly data updates, keeping you informed with the latest pricing trends and changes in the healthcare market, enabling timely and relevant decision-making.

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Empowering Stakeholders with Actionable Insights

OwlSight’s unique offering places actionable healthcare pricing intelligence at your fingertips, supporting a wide range of strategic initiatives from cost containment and plan design to provider negotiation and competitive analysis. With OwlSight, harness the full potential of healthcare pricing data to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance value across the healthcare spectrum.

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