MyMedicalShopper Introduces MyMedicalRewards and Fitness Gamification Programs

Portsmouth, NH—October 29th, 2020—MyMedicalShopper’s patent-pending MyMedicalRewards program aligns the financial incentive of your employees with those of your company, to drive shopping behavior among employees even when they are spending employer dollars.

Thanks to integrations with Google Fit and FitBit, for both wearables and smart-phones, you can also give rewards for fitness and further engage your whole team with our new Fitness Gamification program through both individual achievement goals and leaderboards for individual & team competitions.

“Motivating smart shopping in healthcare is absolutely essential to creating a consumer-first marketplace,” said Mark Galvin, co-founder and CEO of MyMedicalShopper. “At the same time, there needs to be shared, aligned financial interests between employer and employee. Leveraging MyMedicalRewards alongside our price transparency platform gives organizations the opportunity to do both.”

MyMedicalRewards assigns a base price to the more than 10,000 medical tests and procedures within our database, and employees can earn rewards for choosing low-cost providers of medical care, meeting fitness goals or engagement incentives, all of which are seamlessly communicated to your company’s TPA as a contribution to a tax-advantaged employee account, such as a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA), health savings account (HSA), or gift cards (including debit cards).

“We decided to approach healthcare a bit differently,” said Robyn Dionne, Director of Operations and Human Resources of Ethos|VONT. “We wanted to provide our employees with the tools and support to become more informed and engaged healthcare consumers. MyMedicalRewards has been vital to making that shift”

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MMS Analytics, Inc. dba MyMedicalShopper™ delivers technology, products, and services to produce meaningful savings to group health plans and their participants from the overall cost of their healthcare benefits. The company was founded on the belief that fixing the broken healthcare marketplace required the combination of alignment of financial incentives, medical price transparency and the reduction of administrative overhead with employer group knowledge and change management. The company empowers employers and their employees with the ability to choose care based on price, quality, and convenience with unprecedented access to the secretive prices negotiated between insurance networks and medical facilities. Using big data, machine learning, deep analytics and intuitive user experiences, MyMedicalShopper arms group health plans with the tools and teaching necessary to recapture a meaningful portion of the 41% average over-spend waisted on vendors of overpriced tests and procedures.



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