Talon Pay

Complete the Transparency Savings Circle
with TALONPay™

TALON now offers a complete transparency ecosystem that provides tools and incentives for members from start to finish with TALONPay™.
Talon Pay - Shop, Earn, Pay

Price transparency is only the first step in creating the full member experience and cost savings. Provide the tools your members need to find the right care, earn rewards, and now use those rewards for eligible medical expenses. It’s how TALON is providing the right way to take advantage of price transparency.



Members shop and compare pricing for convenient, quality providers with our MyMedicalShopper™ tool.



They earn rewards for taking the time to choose low-cost, high-quality providers with our MyMedicalRewards™ program.



Now reward dollars are available for immediate consumption through a TALONPay™ HSA, HRA, and/or MasterCard account which can reduce or eliminate member out-of-pocket expenses.

Transparency is simplified with TALON, and now amplified with TALONPay™

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