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True Price Transparency means “No Surprises”

TALON defines healthcare “price transparency” to be accurate and easily accessible information intuitively presented on the price of health care services and items that….

The Transparency in Coverage Rule and the No Surprises Act: A Millennial’s Perspective

  The Transparency in Coverage Rule and the No Surprises Act, set to take effect on January 1, 2022, will have a momentous impact….

Five Steps to Increasing Employee Engagement with Transparency in Coverage

With the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act taking effect January 1, 2022, TPAs, ASOs, Insurers and employers of every kind should….

How Nostalgia is Misleading Employee Health Plans

Matthew McCormick, Director, Partner Sales Having spoken with and met hundreds, if not thousands, of employee benefit brokers, I’ve noticed a recurring, fundamental theme….

True Market Forces Will Soon Be Unleashed in Healthcare

In a matter of months, our healthcare system and the overall patient experience will change dramatically for the better. And most Americans don’t even realize….

Building a Village: Why Fixing the Broken Healthcare System should also involve Human Resource Outsourcing organizations (HROs) and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)

By Amnon Gavish, EVP of Corporate Development & Strategy Due to the COVID-19 crisis, PEOs’ and HROs’ services are expected to expand beyond their….

Death by Complacency

By Matthew McCormick, Partnership Executive, MMS Analytics, Inc. As the pandemic known as COVID-19 came to the forefront of our daily lives, my mind,….

Don’t Be Blind to Healthcare Overspending

By David Spear, EVP of Sales and Strategy I’m a bit new to the healthcare industry, though as a consumer I am quite aware….

Three key characteristics of a successful Employer Champion

By Shaylin McNally, Director of Customer Success So, your company has just rolled out this great new benefit (MyMedicalShopper!), and you’ve been assigned the….

Healthcare deductibles are not like golf—lower actually is NOT better!

By Mark Galvin, Co-Founder/CEO, MMS Analytics, Inc. If I agreed to give you $20,000 if you would agree to roll a pair of dice….