Brand Style Guide

Brochure of Talon branding


The primary logo consists of a wordmark and owl icon. Its design is meant to mirror TALON’s modern approachable aesthetic.

Talon's logo

Icon Usage

Our icon represents the TALON brand and can be used alone as a background element to help add emphasis to a design. 

The owl should always keep its intersection with the “O” in TALON whenever using the full logo.

Talon logo usage guide

Alternative Logos

Based on the background color, there will be situations in which alternative logos must be used for the logo to be visible. Here are the alternatives that can be used in case the full-color version is not the best choice.

Talon logo in colors

Co-branding Guidelines

When co-branding or showing any partnerships, carefully follow the standards for using a partner’s logo just as you would for TALON’s. The partner’s brand standards are usually available upon request.

Example of Talon Co- Branding

Color Palette

Our color palette consists of five primary colors. Consistent use of our color palette will build recognition and visibility for the brand. In this guide, you can find the colors used and their respective codes and percentages for digital and printed media. 

Primary Colors

These are our core colors. They should be used as the basis for all of our materials.

CMYK 60 | 92 | 25 | 23
RGB 105 | 45 | 102
CMYK 0 | 35 | 95 | 0
RGB 248 | 173 | 38
CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
RGB 248 | 173 | 38
Dark Grey
CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 90
RGB 64 | 64 | 66
Light Grey
CMYK 19 | 15 | 16 | 0
RGB 204 | 204 | 204
CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
RGB 0 | 0 | 0


Typography is critical to representing TALON’s brand. 

Gotham is used for headlines and body copy. Consistent use of typography will build a recognizable identity.

Example section of the talon font


The photography style should use lively people of diverse backgrounds and ages. Utilize imagery that showcases technology and has a cool tone. Having consistent imagery helps to enhance the brand and make it more dynamic.

Collection of people working in an office


The icons serve as a visual guide of the services and products offered by TALON. Having a defined style when using them will make the brand easy to recognize. These elements are used as a more dynamic and striking way to call out text or to support body text. Always utilize a linear style icon versus solid style when choosing icons.

Collection of our iconography


Talon Logo

TALON delivers end-to-end, scalable solutions for achieving and sustaining full transparency compliance. With the requirements and resulting implications of the Transparency in Coverage Rule and the No Surprises Act, the need to look ahead is more crucial than ever. TALON equips clients to meet current and future regulation challenges with success in this new healthcare reality. Through their suite of services, TALON is empowering the future of healthcare through aligned incentives, member engagement, and a simple way to pay to form a complete savings experience that ensures compliance in every facet.

Mark Galvin
Co-founder, President & CEO

Mark Galvin has been a thought leader and staunch advocate for price transparency and consumerism in healthcare for more than 17 years. He co-founded TALON in 2014 to create and supply a platform supporting a more competitive, efficient healthcare marketplace. In 2018, Mark was invited to speak with and present TALON to the White House Health Policy Team tasked with developing the Transparency in Coverage Rule, including officials from the Departments of Health & Human Services, Treasury, Labor, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Office of Personnel Management. TALON was subsequently used as the model upon which the new Transparency in Coverage and No Surprises Act federal mandates are based.

A serial entrepreneur, Mark has launched a dozen companies and two technology accelerators. Four of his venture-backed tech firms achieved growth levels ranking each in the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the United States as measured by the Inc. 500. His companies’ innovations have been covered in many major media outlets including Forbes, Money Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post.

Matt Robinson
Technical Co-founder

Matt Robinson co-founded TALON with Mark Galvin in 2014 to bring price transparency and consumerism to American healthcare. Matt has deep expertise in system architecture, full-stack development, SaaS/PaaS, Responsive Web Development (RWD), data-mining automation, and data maintenance processes. Matt is also responsible for customer and partner external integrations. Matt holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire. In 2020, Matt was inducted into the university’s Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

Sean Kates
VP of Engineering

Sean Kates has grown alongside the TALON brand and has developed his experience in solving complex problems with a proven track record of success in delivering high-performing solutions. At TALON, Sean is responsible for overseeing all aspects of engineering, driving innovation, and ensuring the development of TALON’s pioneering suite of cost-containment tools. Sean believes in good design and an incredibly intuitive user experience. When combined with focused expertise in development, healthcare and business processes, the results are innovative, consumer-centric applications that empower users to dramatically improve their journey within America’s healthcare system.

Mr. Kates received his degree in Computer Science from the University of Vermont where he developed extensive expertise with JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, and MongoDB.

Jason Jeffords
Chief Technology Officer

Jason Jeffords joined TALON in 2017 as its Chief Technology Officer. A tech innovator, inventor, educator and serial entrepreneur, Jason has more than 30 years of experience in designing and launching award-winning products and technology solutions in the fields of networking, telecommunications, cloud computing, big data, data analytics, machine learning, and IoT.

Jason is an adjunct and assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering and data analytics at the University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University. A standards body contributor (ATM Forum and IETF), Jason is author of numerous articles, and a holder of 17 United States patents.

Evan Young
Chief Financial Officer

Evan Young joined TALON in 2014 and leads its data analytics and modeling team that ingests, normalizes, compares, parses, tests, confirms, and instantly delivers relevant provider-level data from nearly 4 billion medical claims aggregated from hundreds of sources, giving American healthcare consumers the information, they need – quality, price, convenience – when they need it, to make the right purchasing decisions for them.

Plucked from the world of finance, Evan is one of the industry’s most experienced managers of commercial medical claims data. He graduated with a Commerce degree specializing in finance with distinction from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Derek Spearing
Chief Innovation Officer

Derek Spearing, a seasoned Healthcare Strategy and IT professional, joins TALON to spearhead the evolution of healthcare consumerism and intelligence product vision. After ten transformative years advising health payers and providers, Derek brings a rare blend of engineering acumen, management consulting expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to the TALON team.

Derek’s passion for healthcare was sparked by a personal experience, redirecting his focus from systems integration at Lockheed Martin to the pressing need for interoperability, transparency, and an enhanced consumer experience in healthcare. His entrepreneurial successes, including founding and leading several electronic health record system companies to acquisition, are testaments to his commitment to industry change.

Now at TALON, Derek is poised to leverage his unique insights to drive innovation and transformation in healthcare intelligence products, aligning with the company’s mission to challenge industry norms, empower consumers, and catalyze a revolution in healthcare.

Pete Jeffries

Mr. Jeffries has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, new business development, account management, and the healthcare payer market. He has expanded his organization’s client footprint significantly through new sales nationally across multiple market segments. Mr. Jeffries maintains significant C-suite professional relationships throughout the healthcare industry. He is recognized in the industry as a top sales leader in the healthcare payer space.

Prior to joining TALON, Pete was Vice President of Sales with SafelyYou – where he was responsible for new business development.

Mr. Jeffries received his degree in engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Jeffries was born in New York City and currently resides in SW Florida.

Naresh Parmar
Senior Vice President, Product

A leader and innovator who brings decades of experience to TALON, Naresh has a proven track record that includes product and portfolio management, global delivery execution, client services, and the development and implementation of robust, data-driven technology solutions across a range of industries. Naresh’s deep experience creating value for end-users and stakeholders will be integral to TALON’s continued growth and success.

Dawn Aston
SVP, Payer Sales

Dawn Aston brings 20 years of experience in payer healthcare technology and sales to the TALON team. In her role of SVP Payer Sales, she will apply her expertise in workflows and data as well as her unique understanding of payer markets to bridge the knowledge gap and empower stakeholders to take full advantage of all transparency has to offer. Dawn’s background brings exceptional insights which will strengthen and advance our goal of improving health outcomes and affordability for healthcare

Joe Torina
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Joe Torina leads TALON’s efforts to foster and develop the key strategic industry partnerships that are essential to our continued innovation, growth, and evolution, all of which are happening at a rapid pace.

Joe’s robust range of professional experience includes account and project management, marketing, and business development. Prior to joining TALON, Joe spent 3 1/2 years serving as Marketing Director/Business Partner Relations, and, most recently, Director of Business Development for a leading claims administration software provider.

Catherine Klehm
Vice President of Customer Success

With more than two decades of diverse experience, Klehm has a proven track record of success in leading client services operations to increase customer loyalty, expanding solution footprints within accounts, turning around projects or departments, and creating alignment and collaboration between sales, product management, services, and engineering to drive excellence and savings in execution.

Klehm comes to TALON from Uptake, where she served as Senior Director of Professional Services and was responsible for leading the development of project management, staffing/utilization, implementation processes, and approach to identify measurable targeted outcomes for customers.

Scott Borden
Vice President, Sales | CDH Subject Matter Expert

Scott Borden, HSAe (aka HSA GUY) is a passionate Consumer Driven Healthcare SME with over 30 years of experience helping employers and benefit advisors implement innovative employee benefits solutions, focusing on Consumer-Driven Healthcare and HSAs.

For the past 20 years, Scott has been a host and guest on many regional and national talk radio shows and podcasts talking about Health Savings Accounts and other healthcare trends including Price Transparency, Affordable Care Act, Self / Level Funded Health Insurance, Direct Primary Care, and how to build a Healthcare Consumerism Ecosystem with aligned incentives.

When not helping businesses implement winning CDH strategies, Scott likes to ride motorcycles and BBQ/smoke lots of delicious food. It’s a KC thing.

Matt McCormick
Vice President of Growth Strategy

Matthew McCormick is a seasoned healthcare growth strategist with a passion for driving cost-containment through transparent healthcare pricing and free-market principles. As Vice President of Growth Strategy at TALON, Matt spearheads the development and execution of innovative strategies to improve the consumer healthcare journey and realize their agency within the American Healthcare System. Matt is a recognized expert in healthcare consumerism and a vocal force behind transparent healthcare pricing. Prior to joining TALON, Matt was a Lead Financial Analyst at Liberty Mutual, where he received certifications for both the Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter designation as well as his Associate in Reinsurance.

He received his BS in Finance from the University of New Hampshire.

Eddie Burkhart
Vice President of Sales

Eddie Burkhart joins the TALON team as Vice President of Sales, bringing over 20 years of leadership and expertise in the healthcare benefits industry. He has a passion for cultivating professional relationships built on trust and for driving the development and execution of business growth strategies. He is known throughout the industry as an expert in delivering reliable, cost-saving solutions that streamline the sales process, drive business growth, and enhance customer success. Eddie has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma and has AHIP Certification in life, health, and property and casualty insurance.

Brad Dumke
Director of Customer Support

Brad Dumke has spent 19 years helping two Electronic Health Record companies (as CEO and President/COO) building talented and robust sales, customer service, and software development teams; and delivering clinical, financial and business intelligence suites for the hospital and outpatient markets. In those roles, Brad made health insurance decisions for his employees and their families for over 14 years including transitioning two companies from traditional PPO to CDHP/HDHP/HSA plans.

Over the last 12 years, Brad has worked as a consultant in healthcare consumerism, telehealth, medical device, general hospital IT, post-acute care, and revenue cycle management sectors.”

Brad has been certified by the Validation Institute as a Certified Health Value Professional and Certified Outcomes Report Analyst.