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Why partner with TALON?

Transparency in Coverage requirements have spearheaded a massive healthcare industry shift. In a transparent, participant-driven healthcare marketplace, it is imperative for all stakeholders to embrace the need for a comprehensive, scalable technology solution that, not only ensures full compliance with all current and future transparency mandates, but seamlessly works to lower costs, improve quality of care, and increase member satisfaction.

Your Reality:


The rules and implications of Transparency in Coverage are here.


You need a scalable solution in place that ensures compliance, client and member satisfaction, and long-term viability.


Access to valuable industry-wide healthcare pricing data will give you an edge over your competition.

The Time to Act is NOW.

TALON Benefits to Payers—And Your Clients:

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Full Compliance, Long-Term Success

TALON’s all-encompassing solution is designed to seamlessly fulfill the requirements of the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act, while maximizing the benefits of a consumer-driven marketplace for all stakeholders. By outsourcing to TALON, we take care of everything. You avoid any risk with brokers, consultants, and employers, while also ensuring your long-term growth and viability.


Increase Client & Member Satisfaction

By empowering and incentivizing members to be informed healthcare consumers and shop for quality, convenient, cost-effective care through TALON’s MyMedicalShopper™ tool, member satisfaction goes up and employer healthcare costs go down—savings that can be passed down and leveraged to enrich plan design and increase retention. Ease of use also means fewer member inquiries and claims questions.


Incentivize Member Behavior for Value-Based Care

TALON’s patented and intuitive MyMedicalRewards™ program rewards members through HSA/HRA contributions or gift cards for navigating to quality, cost-effective providers. These rewards can also be customized around other product offerings, including voluntary benefits. For you, this also means a seamless transition if (when) Transparency in Coverage expands to Medicare and Medicaid.


Seamless Integration

TALON already works with the benefit administration providers that you depend on for enrollment. Pair that with the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing architectures, and our dynamic platform goes far beyond JUST compliance—providing a streamlined, easy-to-implement solution that sets both you and your clients up for long-term success.

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Skyrocketing healthcare spend has been strangling businesses for way too long. The TALON solution disrupts that trend. The leading medical price transparency solution for the consumer-driven healthcare marketplace, TALON empowers participants to shop smarter for their medical care and make informed decisions about how they manage their discretionary healthcare spending. See how we do it in our FREE Solutions Book!