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Welcome to TALON’s Training and Certification Program

Our mission at TALON is to educate, empower, and incentivize the American healthcare consumer to meaningfully reduce costs and create a healthier ecosystem.

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The Challenge and Solution

In the wake of the Transparency in Coverage Rule (Tic) and No Surprises Act (NSA), the complexity of the rapidly evolving
healthcare compliance landscape, and the new financial challenges and opportunities that have arisen as a result, can be daunting.

To equip industry stakeholders for long-term success in a new transparent healthcare marketplace, TALON’s Training &
Certification Program employs a four-step graduated learning path to:


Ground the participant in TALON fundamentals, including compliance obligations.


Introduce TALON tools, resources, and features critical to the success of your business. 


Provide assessments to ensure participant qualifications.


Publicly certify and
recognize success.

Who Can Be TALON Certified?

Currently, the TALON Certification Program is offered for our Broker/Advisor, Third-Party Administrator (TPA), and Channel Partner Communities. If you do not fall into one of those categories and still wish to be certified, please contact TALON’s Training and Certification Team.

Certification Status Level

The Certification Program consists of four status levels, each with an associated assessment. Status levels must be completed in order, and each assessment must be successfully completed to be status-level certified.

Bronze - Talon Fundamentals, Silver - Proficiency in Talon experience, Gold - Competency in TALON tools, Platinum - Advanced expertise in TALON Solutions

Certification Process Steps

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Receive Materials

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Assessment and Certification

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Certification Value

In conjunction with the TALON platform, the TALON Certification Program
provides the participant with:

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