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I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

A friend of mine owns three wellness centers and employs 80 people. Yesterday, she told me that her health insurance broker made his yearly….

Scared of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs)? You shouldn’t be. Here’s why.

For no good reason, HDHP has become a dirty four-letter acronym for healthcare consumers. The WebMD article, “Why Your Employees Are Afraid of Your….

Cost, quality, and your healthcare—a story about relationships

Cost and quality—they’re always related right? Well, usually. Sometimes we buy the cheaper good or service when we’re looking to save money, understanding the….

Don’t really know what a health savings account is? Then you’re way overdue to fire your broker!

In my travels, I ask many community and business leaders if their health insurance plans include a health savings account (HSA). “Yes, I think….

Don’t have an HSA? Here’s why you need one.

Since their creation as “tax-advantaged” accounts by Congress in 2003, the prevalence of health savings accounts (HSA) has been growing steadily despite the reality….

Not happy about your salary increases (or lack thereof) over the past decade? You might want to blame it on healthcare.

While many factors may be contributing to the lack of salary increases in America, have you considered that one of the biggest culprits might….

Steve Forbes Prescribes Price Transparency to Remedy Our Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs

Currently, the patient isn’t the “customer”; so says Steve Forbes, Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Magazine. Transforming patients into customers also means empowering them to shop….

For mature audiences only

Just when you thought we were done talking about health savings accounts, here we are again talking about HSAs. We’ve outlined HSAs before, but….

Huge opportunities for HSAs in coming era of private exchanges

“Driven by the emerging private health exchange sector, health savings accounts may be poised to quadruple their growth over the next six years,” according….

It pays to shop for healthcare, when you have the right tool