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In today’s rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem, brokers and advisors are crucial to a client’s success. TALON is here to empower you through these changing times and help you answer the needs of your clients and prospects, protect their bottom line, and keep client satisfaction high.

Your Clients Are Counting on YOU.
Have You Armed Them with the Protection They Need TODAY?

The facts you NEED to know:​

  • Your clients are facing potentially budget-breaking penalties of $100 per member, per day fines if they fail to comply with the mandates of the Transparency in Coverage Rule and No Surprises Act.
  • Your clients could be OVERPAYING for healthcare by 40% or MORE due to extreme price in-network price variations between providers.
  • Your clients are facing record employee attrition.
  • Your clients will hold YOU accountable.
  • You need a competitive edge and innovative tools at your disposal to differentiate in today’s rapidly changing market.

TALON is your immediate solution to protect your groups TODAY and in the future. Our dynamic, scalable platform enables you to provide full compliance with the transparency mandates, along with an unmatched digital experience that empowers members to shop smarter for their healthcare—all leading to lower costs for your clients and improved health for their workforce.

The time to act is NOW.

Future Proof Your Clients

With TALON as your partner, our team of experts are here to help you navigate the massive shift to consumer-driven healthcare that is currently underway. The TALON solution presents a win-win scenario for BOTH you and your clients:

  • The TALON platform was the model used by the federal government when Transparency in Coverage was defined under the ACA.
  • TALON protects your clients from overpaying for care while integrating seamlessly into existing architectures with no distraction or disruption.
  • Our dynamic platform goes far beyond JUST compliance—providing a streamlined, easy to implement, end-to-end solution for lowering healthcare spend and fostering a happier, healthier, more productive workforce.
  • Our system creates free-market dynamics, starting with subscriber engagement through alignment of incentives, providing true ROI.
  • The unmatched digital experience provided by our innovative MyMedicalShopper™ platform EMPOWERS employees to become informed consumers and make smart, economical decisions about their own care.
  • As an added incentive for choosing low cost, high-quality care, our patented and intuitive MyMedicalRewards™  program rewards employees through HSA/HRA contributions or gift cards
  • TALON gives YOU a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace

Let TALON be your PARTNER in achieving full compliance, lower care costs, and better member health outcomes. Let’s talk today about what we can do for you and your clients!

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Skyrocketing healthcare spend has been strangling businesses for way too long. The TALON solution disrupts that trend. The leading medical price transparency solution for the consumer-driven healthcare marketplace, TALON empowers participants to shop smarter for their medical care and make informed decisions about how they manage their discretionary healthcare spending. See how we do it in our FREE Solutions Book!

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